Fazer: 223’000 visitors at Experience Centre in 2022

Helsinki / FI. (fg) In 2022, a total of 223,000 visitors came to the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre. The number almost reaches the 2019 record, when the Centre saw 230,000 visitors. Domestic travelling has grown in popularity, and this versatile destination in Vaarala, Vantaa has been discovered especially by families with children. This year, the Visitor Centre expects to welcome a record number of visitors.

The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre consists of a multimedia exhibition, Fazer Café, a shop, meeting services, and different events, such as children’s birthday parties and chocolate art workshops that all focus around spending time together, handicraft skills and joy. New events for 2023 include a new type of a chocolate event and new themed exhibition tours.

The one millionth visitor opened the door of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre in spring 2022.


Success has grown with praise from visitors and strong recommendations

Unique in Finland, the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre is an experiential destination where you can feel Fazer Group with all of your senses, think about the impacts of your food choices, and take a peek into the exciting future of food.

The main attractions of the exhibition include the tropical indoor garden, Earth in 2030 – the planet Earth seen from the Moon, the cocoa forest describing sustainable cocoa sourcing in Côte d’Ivoire, and the forever-favourite, the Mignon bunny.

«Feedback from the visitors has been excellent. We have succeeded in exceeding our visitors’ expectations and given them something new to think about. Recommendations have travelled far,» says Anu Kokko, Director of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre. «We also believe in the gradual return of foreign visitors. On the exhibitions’ guided tours, English is the second most popular language after Finnish.»

Different times of the year, seasons, and Fazer’s history spanning over 130 years, as well as respect for artisanal skills are taken into account in the Visitor Centre throughout its different functions.

«Every visitor encounter is an opportunity. We are always investing in new content, we want to inspire, give the opportunity to learn something new, and bring back memories. This year, Fazer Domino is turning 70, and as part of the anniversary, we have compiled a packaging exhibition of this beloved biscuit in the Visitor Centre’s lobby,» continues Anu Kokko.


Fazer works to promote the well-being of people and the environment

The exhibition features elements that are of interest to all age groups, but schoolchildren and students make up an especially significant visitor group. They are also very aware of the limits of our planet’s sustainability.

«Our exhibition’s herb wall, a hydroponic farm with water circulation, helps understand how we can reduce our carbon footprint and how the circular economy works. We utilise the herbs in the daily offering of our Fazer Café,» says Anu Kokko. «We have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate as a symbol of promoting sustainable tourism» (Photos: Fazer Group).