Fazer: accelerates growth of gluten-free bakery products

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Finland’s Fazer Group acquired the gluten-free Vuohelan bakery in Lahti last year and is constantly developing its gluten-free product family. The company has already brought a dozen gluten-free novelties to the market this year and will continue to invest in the production of gluten-free products. The market for gluten-free fresh bakery products in Finland has grown by 17 percent within this year.

Expanding to the gluten-free market is part of Fazer’s consumer-centric strategy. The integration of the Vuohelan bakery has gone well and it has become a natural part of Fazer’s bakery network. Fazer is the market leader in gluten-free fresh bakery products with a market share of 26 percent.

«The acquisition of the Vuohelan bakery helped us gain a solid foothold in the gluten-free market. We have already launched a dozen novelties this year, and we will continue to develop our gluten-free product family. We listen to the wishes of consumers carefully. Fazer’s new gluten-free product range has grown the entire market,» says Marko Bergholm, Managing Director at Fazer Bakery Finland.

The fresh look of the Fazer’s gluten-free product family makes it stand out from the rest in stores. Fazer is gradually giving up the Vuohelan brand and packaging. The most popular Vuohelan products will remain part of the selection and have new packaging.

Demand for gluten-free products is growing in Finland

The share of gluten-free products of the entire Finnish bakery market is about 3 percent. The demand has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the market for gluten-free fresh bakery products in Finland has grown by 17 percent within this year. The growth has been driven by the diversification of the product selection and an increase in the number of consumers using gluten-free products. In addition to people suffering from coeliac disease, many people with sensitive stomach feel that a gluten-free diet suits them and brings relief to digestion problems. Development has been particularly good for sweet gluten-free products and for dark gluten-free bread. The market is forecast to keep growing in the coming years.