Fazer Bakery Finland: announces temporary lay-offs

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Fazer’s collaboration negotiations regarding the temporary lay-offs of the shop-in-shop bakery business have been completed on April 16. The changes in the consumers’ purchasing behaviour, caused by the exceptional situation, have also reflected into the demand at Fazer’s shop-in-shop bakeries. Fazer needs to adjust its operations since the situation is severe for the business and may continue for a long period.

The negotiations involved all 597 employees working in Fazer Bakery’s shop-in-shop business in Finland. Temporary lay-offs will be implemented in almost all 94 Fazer shop-in-shop bakeries, in which some of the employees will be temporarily laid off. The business situation and the need for lay-offs are evaluated bakery by bakery. The shop-in-shop bakery’s white-collar workers might also be temporarily laid off. The lay-off period will be maximum 90 days per employee during 2020.

«To minimise the impact of the lay-offs on our employees, we are offering our staff the possibility to use their annual leaves and other paid leaves, and we are also trying to find them temporary work at Fazer’s other units, if possible. We will support each and every one of our employees in this exceptional situation and try to find the best possible solution,» says Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland Markus Hellström.