Fazer Confectionery: announces temporary lay-offs

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Fazer Confectionery started collaboration negotiations regarding the operations of the Vantaa factory. The negotiations involve 398 employees. Fazer may have to temporarily lay off employees at the Vantaa factory due to the current situation.

The coronavirus pandemic is influencing the purchasing behaviour of consumers. The sales of chocolate tablets are increasing, but at the same time the sales of specialty products and e.g. pralines, are declining, especially due to the standstill in Travel Retail. According to Fazer’s estimation, this will lead to a temporary deterioration in the employer’s ability to provide employment. In order to secure the company’s operations and finances, there is a need to adjust the operations and consider laying off staff temporarily.

The collaboration negotiations will involve the entire staff at Fazer’s Vantaa factory, a total of 398 employees. Temporary lay-offs are planned to be used up to a maximum of 90 days per employee during the current year.

«To minimise the impact of the potential lay-offs on our employees, we are offering the possibility to use annual leaves and other paid leaves. We will support our employees in this exceptional situation and try to find the best possible solution for them.» Nathalie Ahlström, Managing Director of Fazer Confectionery, says.

The collaboration negotiations will start at earliest on 04 May 2020 and the aim is to complete them within a 5-day negotiation period.