Fazer: continues planning to build a new rye bread line

Helsinki / FI. (fg) The change negotiations concerning the Lahti bakery have been concluded. With the planned construction of the new line (see bakenet:eu on 2023/03/17), the number of production lines in Lahti would decrease, and part of the production will be transferred to contract manufacturing. Fazer Leipomot Oy has decided to proceed as planned and to continue planning a new energy-efficient bread line in the Lahti bakery. In cooperation with the personnel representatives, the change negotiations discussed, for example, the need for changes in organisational responsibilities and alternative shift models that would be best suited for the Lahti bakery in the coming years. As a result of the negotiations, the organisational responsibilities will be clarified, and the new shift models will be introduced in early 2024. The change negotiations concerned a total of 218 employees of Fazer Leipomot Oy’s Lahti bakery, of whom a maximum of 49 employees’ employment contracts will be terminated. The terminations of employments will take place in 2024. Fazer supports the personnel in change and contribute to their chances of re-employment. Vacancies in Fazer Group will be primarily offered to those employees whose employments would possibly be terminated. Fazer will also cooperate with the public employment and business services (TE Services) in Lahti region.

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