Fazer Finland: Treats now also come by drone

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Now customers can order Fazer chocolates and fresh bakery products for air delivery to the home or local park in Vuosaari, Helsinki. The products are delivered by drone in minutes in an energy-efficient and low-emission way.


Product ordering is enhanced by an experiential delivery experience

Drone deliveries for Fazer Finland are operated by Wing, a transport service company. Purchases are ordered and paid for with a free mobile app that can be downloaded to the phone. The shopping basket can be filled with Fazer’s new summer sweets or a generous package of sweets from the sky to delight loved ones. There are also doughnuts from Fazer Bakery and freshly baked «no-fuss» breads and filled rolls. Fazer Café’s delicious salads and Froosh smoothies are available to order for a delicious lunch. The up-to-date product range can be easily checked on the mobile app.

«As a company focused on food experiences, it’s great to be among the first to test these new, innovative drone deliveries. Such energy-efficient and carbon-neutral transport solutions are up-to-date and a guaranteed way to meet and serve people in these exceptional times,» says Jarno Hämäläinen, Logistics Director of Fazer Bakery, who is leading the drone project at Fazer.

The customer can track the progress of the delivery and see the exact time of arrival from the mobile app. The drone lowers the order to the ground on a cable and releases it. At its fastest, the products arrive within minutes of the order. The products can be delivered to a home address in Vuosaari or picked up at a special stop, of which there are two in Vuosaari: Mustankivenpuisto and Solvikinpuisto. For the first weeks of operation, the drones will fly from Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Finland is a European pioneer in drone transport

Wing is a transport company that operates drone transport services on three continents: in Australia, the United States and Europe, with a focus on Finland.

«We are very excited to be working with Fazer. We always strive to meet the wishes of the people in our delivery area as well as possible, which is why we are delighted that we can now add Fazer’s popular confectionery, bakery and food brands to our portfolio,» says Ville Lukkari, Country Manager for Finland at Wing. «This is a unique opportunity to enable our customers to deliver more products in a more efficient and interest rate-safe way.»

The electric drone picks up the package, flies to the delivery point, hovers in the air at a height of about 7 metres and gently lowers the package, weighing up to 1.5 kilos, to the ground with a thin cable to the exact delivery area of the customer’s choice, such as a backyard or a park.

Drone deliveries are safe and the flight of the remotely piloted small aircraft is controlled via a dedicated navigation system (Photo: Fazer Finland).