Fazer Group: celebrates 130 years of production in Finland

Helsinki / FI. (fg) The Fazer story began in 1891, when the young entrepreneur Karl Fazer realised his dream and opened his first café on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki. Today, 130 years later, Fazer Group is The Food Experience Company, a modern sustainable food company, which employs more than 3,600 people in Finland alone. Alongside its Finnish operations, Fazer also operates in Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Beyond this, the company exports to more than 40 countries around the world.

Fazer continues implementing its growth strategy

Fazer is one of the most valued brands in Finland. Fazer’s mission, Food with a purpose, reflects both the company’s focus on fast-moving consumer goods and Fazer’s commitment to its task. «Fazer, celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, is financially strong and has a clear strategy for the future. Sustainability is an integral part of our operations, and by developing food as a solution we are continuing our work to improve the well-being of people, the society and the environment,» explains Christoph Vitzthum, President & CEO, Fazer Group. «In 2021, we have for example committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We will define new science-based climate targets to reduce the emissions in both our own operations and throughout our value chain. Fazer’s Grain Vision is on the other hand at the core of our work to support sustainable farming. Our aim is that all grain used in our consumer products is grown in compliance with the principles of sustainable farming by 2025,» Christoph Vitzthum continues.

Fazer employs thousands of food professionals in Finland

Fazer’s operations span almost the entirety of Finland. Fazer’s large bakeries are located in Vantaa, Lahti and Lappeenranta. Vantaa is also home to Fazer’s chocolate and biscuit factory, whereas a thin crisp factory and the mill are located in Lahti and the sugar confectionery production in Lappeenranta. The company’s factory in Koria, in Kymenlaakso, produces plant-based drinks, snacks and cooking products. Furthermore, artisan bread is baked at 114 Fazer shop-in-shop bakeries, located in larger grocery stores around the country. 15 Gateau artisan bakery shops are dotted around the Helsinki metropolitan area and Karl Fazer’s heritage is proudly reflected in the 17 Fazer Cafés currently serving consumers. Approximately 95 percent of Fazer’s products sold in Finland are of domestic origin. Fazer uses domestic ingredients whenever possible.

Fazer invests significantly in its oats business in Finland

Over the last three years, Fazer has invested a total of approximately EUR 205 million, of which EUR 155 million in Finland. The majority of the investments have been made in developing the oats business of the company.

Fazer’s goal is to become one of the leading producers of plant-based food in northern Europe. Oats, which are growing in popularity globally, play a central role in reaching the objective. In Finland, Fazer uses only Finnish oats and uses all parts of the oats in its production.

The world’s first factory to produce xylitol from oat hulls is being built in Lahti. The xylitol factory represents circular economy at its best, as the raw ingredient of the unique factory, oat hulls, are derived from the oat mill located just next door. The company’s expansion investment in the oat mill, a project due for completion at the end of the year, will double the mill’s oat milling capacity. In November, Fazer Mills is turning 50.

In Vantaa, work has been initiated to construct two new production lines of oat products. The bakery’s state-of-the-art portion bread line and the renewal of a production line in the chocolate factory to allow the production of oat-based products are set for completion in 2022. Investments have also begun in Koria to double the factory’s oat drink capacity.