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Fazer Konfektyr AB: announces new managing director

Helsinki / FI. (fg) M.Sc.Econ. Sirkku Erlandsson (38) has been appointed managing director of Fazer Konfektyr AB in Sweden with effect from September 03, 2008. Fazer Konfektyr AB is the Swedish subsidiary of Fazer Confectionery, the Fazer Group´s new division following the demerger of Cloetta Fazer at year-end 2008. Sirkku Erlandsson has long and wide-ranging experience from various marketing positions in Sweden and Finland, and has also been instrumental in starting up Fazer´s confectionery business in Estonia and the Czech Republic. Most recently, she was stationed in Stockholm where she worked in Cloetta Fazer AB´s marketing organisation as Category Director. During the period 2004/2005 she served as Marketing Director for Cloetta Fazer´s Finnish marketing organisation.

About Fazer Sweden: The Finnish Fazer Group, including the Fazer Bageri and Fazer Amica divisions, has extensive operations in Sweden, where Fazer currently has around 2’400 employees and annual sales of around 2,1 billion SEK (224 million EUR). Now these operations will be expanded with the new Fazer Confectionery division. Fazer Confectionery´s pro forma sales amount to 2’407 million SEK (257 million EUR). The future company will have a market share of 42 percent in Finland and 9,6 percent in Sweden.