Fazer: plans to outsource growing online shop

Helsinki / FI. (fg) As part of the development of Fazer Group’s consumer-driven business, the company has evaluated different options to streamline the operations of the online shop Fazer Store. Following the employers plans to outsource the operations of Fazer Store, it has initiated cooperation negotiations regarding restructuring.

Fazer is focusing on its fast-moving consumer goods and strengthening its position as the leading FMCG-brand in Finland while establishing a stronger position in Northern Europe and beyond.

«Fazer Store, our online shop for consumers, was opened in 2018 as part of the implementation of Fazer’s consumer-centric strategy. Last year the selection of the store was expanded from confectionery to include also other Fazer’s long shelf life products, e.g. porridges and mueslis. The online shop serves consumers in the EU region and the coronavirus crisis has further increased the demand for online store services,» says Nathalie Ahlström, Managing Director of Fazer Confectionery.

Fazer Store’s operations are carried out as part of the Karkkila factory’s operations. The employer has evaluated different options to streamline the operations of the online store and, on the other hand, to harmonise the factory’s production to meet the overall market situation. The employer plans to strengthen the preconditions of the growing Fazer Store by outsourcing the operations of the store. As a result, Fazer is initiating restructuring collaboration negotiations. In total, 23 employees will fall within the scope of the negotiations. If executed, the plans may lead to changes in job tasks and termination of a maximum of 8 employments.

If the negotiations should lead to redundancies, Fazer would support those whom the termination of employment would affect. The employer wants to further their opportunities of finding new employment and cooperates with the local employment administration.