Fazer: renews shop-in-shop bakery business in Finland

Helsinki / FI. (fg) The change negotiations concerning Fazer’s shop-in-shop bakery business in Finland have been concluded. Fazer Group has decided to renew the business model in Finland to develop the business even stronger and to respond quickly to changing customer and consumer needs.

The shop-in-shop bakery business is an important part of Fazer’s bakery business: the company wants to develop it and make it more competitive for the future as well. The aim of the planned changes is to adapt the shop-in-shop bakery organisation and its operating methods to the rapidly grown business and changes in the external operating environment.

In cooperation with the personnel representatives, a proposal for an operating model that would be competitive, flexible and that would also strengthen well-being at work and supervisor work was discussed in the change negotiations.

The change negotiations concerned 660 people working in the shop-in-shop bakery business. Fazer’s goal is to find suitable roles for everyone, in which to succeed also in the future. The changes could lead to termination of employments if an agreement on the new employment contract’s terms cannot be reached in the discussions with the employees, or if there is a need for adjustment of the business in some area, or if no other job could be found. The changes will also lead to new positions in the shop-in-shop organisation, which can be applied by the personnel of the shop-in-shop bakeries.

Fazer supports its personnel in change and contributes to their chances of re-employment. Vacancies in Fazer Group will be primarily offered to those employees whose employments would possibly be terminated. Fazer will also cooperate with the public employment and business services (TE Services).