Fazer Russia: Zvezdnaya celebrates its 85th anniversary

St. Petersburg / RU. (eb) The history of Zvezdnaya began in 1936, when an automatic bakery was built on the outskirts of Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War, the plant continued to operate, supplying products to the army and city residents. In the 1990s, the plant underwent reconstruction. In 2005, with the accession to Finland’s Fazer Group, the modern history of Zvezdnaya began, involving the launch of innovative products and technologies and the modernization of production equipment. Today, Zvezdnaya produces 33 types of packaged bread and bakery products under the Fazer and Khlebny Dom brands and 55 frozen breads and baked goods under the Fazer brand for in-store and home baking as well as eight types of the well known «Berry Lukoshny». Among others, Zvezdnaya produces the innovative Fazer Bake-it Easy range of frozen baguettes and buns for baking at home without defrosting and proofing using Pro-Bake technology. The company near Moscow employs 630 people (Photo: Fazer Russia).


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