Fazer: starts cooperation to open virtual Street Food chain

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Fazer Finland and Foodora are opening a virtual restaurant chain on the Foodora platform that enables food ordering and deliveries. The virtual restaurant chain offers dishes built around the Fazer Street Food product family. Consumers will place the orders through Foodora’s platform, and the virtual restaurants are operated by Foodora’s partner restaurants. At first, the service is available in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and the aim is to expand throughout Finland by the end of the year.

Ordering food at home has been a fast-growing trend for years and the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more popular. Fazer Street Food is the first virtual restaurant chain named after a well-known consumer brand in Finland.

The virtual restaurant’s menu is built around the Fazer Street Food product family. The menu includes a variety of burger and hot dog dishes created by Fazer and Foodora’s chefs. The dishes are prepared by Foodora’s partner restaurants. At the moment, it is possible to order Fazer Street Food dishes in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Hyvinkää, and the operation is constantly expanding to new locations.

«Various street kitchens and food trucks have become very popular in recent years. High-quality, inventive burgers have been trending for some time now and there are interesting new opportunities, such as gourmet hot dogs, on the market. Through the new virtual restaurants that are now being opened, the Fazer Street Food product family will also have more of a presence outside home kitchens. By ordering through Foodora’s platform, the consumer gets restaurant-prepared, high-quality street food experiences easily delivered to their door or workplace,» says Noora Pöyhönen, Vice President, Marketing and Portfolio, Fazer Bakery Finland.

Consumers have very different needs and situations when it comes to eating and drinking and many restaurants have adapted their selection to better suit home deliveries. The virtual restaurant concept has helped Foodora’s partner restaurants expand their offering without the need to change the restaurants’ original concepts.«As a digital food ordering service, Foodora has an excellent insight into what Finns like to eat right now. The increased popularity of home deliveries has resulted in consumers expecting the widest possible selection of dishes, which has boosted the popularity of virtual restaurants. Fazer is a well-known, trusted and loved brand in Finland, and we believe that by combining our strengths, we have created a restaurant concept that suits Finnish tastes. We are very excited about this collaboration,» says Anna Lumme, Foodora’s Head of Concepts, Kitchens + Partnerships (Photo: Fazer Finland).

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