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Fedima: General Assembly 2018

Brussels / BE. (fedima) The Federation of European Union Manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients to the bakery, confectionary and patisserie industries (Fedima) and Food Ingredients Producers Union (FIPU) agreed to the exchange of information and experience on topics relevant to the respective member countries and member companies. The aim of the cooperation with the Russian counterpart is to achieve continuous improvement for all stakeholders in various specialist areas. Particularly it will focus on an exchange of regulatory and legislative updates; on product denominations, food safety and handling of ingredients. The agreement has been signed in the margin of Fedima’s annual event which took place in Athens.

During her speech, FIPU President Tatiana Savenkova introduced the Food Ingredients Producers Union, which was found more than 15 years ago and unites more than 60 companies engaged in production, research, sale and use of food ingredients. «We hope the Agreement between our associations, aimed at information and experience exchange on main issues and aspects of cooperation will contribute to harmonization of the requirements of the European Union and the Russian Federation legislation in the field of safety and regulation on the use of food ingredients, risk assessment and their circulation on the market; networking between producers and consumers of ingredients for bakery and confectionery production; improvement of information environment in the media with respect to the use of ingredients in food products», noted Savenkova.

Johan Sanders, the President of Fedima highlighted the aspect of growing globalization and with that the rising need to be more interconnected. He sees this as «an important opportunity for both, our members, as well as for our Russian counterparts». He added: « We should not stop here. We hope to expand our cooperation with our American colleagues».

Furthermore, during the General Assembly, Fedima communicated that it will start a campaign celebrating its 50 years to «not only look on what we have achieved but also to look forward on what can be done», as explained by Fedima President.