Finland: New Fazer Café opens in Tampere

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Fazer Finland opened a new Fazer Café in the Koskikeskus shopping centre in Tampere. The café chain’s 21st café offers customers memorable moments consisting of high-quality products, friendly customer service and a café milieu that combines fresh modernity and stylish traditionalism.

The much-appreciated Café chain continues to expand

Koskikeskus in the center of Tampere attracted 5.2 million visitors last year. The proximity of the train and bus stations also brings a large number of visitors and tourists to the shopping center.

«We continue to expand our café operations in Tampere. Our popular Fazer Café on Hämeenkatu gets a much expected company from Koskikeskus. The new Café will enrich the rapidly developing Tampere, and our customers can now enjoy high-quality café products and attentive customer service in a new environment,» says Miika Kostilainen, Managing Director for Fazer Retail Finland.

The new Fazer Café, located in the central square of Koskikeskus, is easy to access from all entrances to the shopping centre. The café seats 85 customers and is open every day of the week.

20240311-FAZER-TAMPERE(Photo: Fazer Retail Finland)

The café chain passes its insights on to other businesses

In Fazer Cafés, customers appreciate fresh ingredients, good taste, high quality and specialities that are only available at Fazer Café. These include, for example, Fazer Blue milk chocolate cake and coffee drinks flavoured with familiar confectionery brands such as Fazer Blue Cappuccino and Geisha latte.

Café Koskikeskus is the 21st Fazer Café in Finland and the second in Tampere. It continues the legendary story of Karl Fazer, that started 133 years ago with his French-Russian café on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki.

Today Fazer is a consumer-centric food company. The cafés are strategically important consumer touch points, and the customer insights and know-how generated in them are also transferred to other divisions. In addition to Tampere, Fazer Cafés are located in the Helsinki capital area and Turku.