Finland: The new Fazer Café Keilaniemi is now open

Helsinki / FI. (fg) Fazer Finland opened a new Café in Keilaniemi. The Group started its café operations 130 years ago, when young Karl Fazer opened a French-Russian café on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki. The new café continues this tradition by offering both traditional and new delicacies to its customers.

The new Keilaniemi café is already the 17th Fazer Café in Finland. The café serves a varied selection of breakfast and lunch, and offers an enjoyable café environment for afternoon coffee. In the mornings, customers can select their breakfast from various items, while lunch options include soup, baked potatoes, and grilled toasts, as well as a large salad bar where customers can create their salad of choice.


«We are also looking for growth in up-and-coming areas, and we believe that Fazer Café will do well in reaching both local residents as well as those who work in the Keilaniemi area. The new Fazer Café is the perfect meeting place outside the office, and fresh lunch options can be enjoyed either inside or as convenient takeaways,» says Managing Director Miika Kostilainen from Fazer Retail Finland.