Fodelia Group: Business Review Q1-2022

Pyhäntä / FI. (foy) Finland’s Fodelia Oyj Group announced its unaudited results for the period 01 January to 31 March (Q1-2022). Net sales for the period under review grew by 22.8 percent to EUR 9,237,000. Ebitda was EUR 651,000 or 7.0 percent of net sales. Operating profit was EUR 245,000 or 2.7 percent of net sales. The company management estimates the Group’s net sales in 2022 at approximately EUR 40 to 50 million. Ebit and relative profitability are expected to improve from 2021. There is uncertainty involved in the outlook because of the possible continuation and re-escalation of the coronavirus pandemic and the impacts of the war in Ukraine on material prices and availability and on prices in general.

For additional information please read the Company’s PDF file below (270 KB):