Gilde: Plans acquisition of Dutch caramel waffles business

Utrecht / NL. (gem) Private equity firm Gilde has reached in principle agreement on the acquisition of caramel waffles and caramel biscuits bakery Van der Breggen BV in Tilurg, Netherlands. The intended acquisition will result in a joining of forces between Van der Breggen and Bakkersland Banket, a company recently acquired by Gilde.

Bakkersland Banket also has an important business in the caramel waffle market. Gilde and both companies expect the joining of forces to provide opportunities for further growth, under an integrated direction and in a joint marketing approach, in the Netherlands as well as in markets abroad.

Van der Breggen was founded in 1969 and produces – with around 100 employees – a wide range of caramel waffles and caramel biscuits and «Buys Angel Kisses». The waffles and biscuits are sold under proprietary brands such as Kanjers, Gouda´s Gilde and Bakker Joop and under private labels. The company also produces various kinds of organic caramel waffles and -biscuits. The export activities of Van der Breggen are mainly focused on markets in the European Union, but also cover countries such as Japan, Canada and Saudi-Arabia. A request for advice on the intended joining of forces has been submitted to the Works Council. The trade unions have been informed.