GrubMarket: Acquires Grant J. Hunt Company

San Francisco / CA. (grb) Food technology company GrubMarket announced it has completed the acquisition of Grant J. Hunt Company, a highly reputable and well-established produce wholesaler on the West Coast, with offices in Northern California and Washington. Grant J. Hunt is a key sourcing channel for premium fruits and vegetables on the West Coast, and has deep relationships with domestic and overseas farms. Grant Hunt works with many customers ranging from supermarkets to restaurants and other retailers.

Grant Hunt was founded in 1934 and supplies a wide range of both year-round and seasonal products including apples, pears, cherries, potatoes, onions, berries and citrus. Grant Hunt, through its Oakport Transportation division, ships produce to California, Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Nevada, plus selected routes throughout the U.S. for certain seasonal items. After the acquisition, Grant Hunt will continue to be managed by its current leadership team.

«We are excited to join the GrubMarket family and embrace the new growth opportunities that GrubMarket’s technology and network offer. We work directly with growers to develop compelling messages and deliver them effectively to their target audience. We look forward to joining GrubMarket’s technology-enabled platform. Together, we aim to take Grant Hunt to the next level of success,» said Sal Rizzo and Maurice Protzen, General Managers of Grant Hunt.

According to Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket: «We are excited that a highly influential business in the produce world with almost 100 years of history just joined us. The talented team at Grant Hunt is a true value-added partner for their customers and producers. This acquisition enables GrubMarket to further strengthen its producer relationships on the West Coast in many specialty categories, and gain more historical understanding of how American food supply chain has evolved in the last 100 years. We are excited to welcome the Grant Hunt team to the GrubMarket family. Together, we will build a greater customer base and a stronger producer network in the food ecosystem nationwide, and make a bigger impact on the evolution and digital transformation of American food supply chain industry.»

Lastly, Grant Hunt will now be able to utilize GrubMarket’s innovative proprietary WholesaleWare software suite, the company’s Software-as-a-Service platform providing food industry suppliers and vendors with seamless financial management, easy-to-use online ordering and sales, precise inventory management, and engaging CRM tools.

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