Grupo Bimbo: inaugurates first Ecologic Sales Center

Mexico City / MX. (gb) Grupo Bimbo S.A.B. de C.V. inaugurated the first Ecologic Sales Center in Mexico City, which is to become the company´s new sustainable distribution model. Chairman and CEO Daniel Servitje reminded the history that links Mexico City with the Company, where it has its origin over 65 years ago and remains, to date, as one of its main operating and commercial distribution sites. Javier González Franco, President of Bimbo S.A., stated, «the new Ecologic Sales Center will meet the Company´s distribution needs in the downtown area of Mexico City with a new fleet moved by wind. The fleet is comprised by 73 electric vehicles with an engine technology developed, for the first time, by technicians from the bakery company». Servitje showed his satisfaction for closing the operations sustainable cycle, and henceforward, distribution. «Less than a year ago we inaugurated the Piedra Larga Wind Farm; today we are using that renewable energy source to power the operation of emission-free vehicles, collaborating with the mobility in the this very important area of our city». It was stated that the Ecologic Sales Center will have rainfall collection systems, complete water recycling for vehicle washing, as well as a wind turbine, green walls, solar cells and efficient lighting mechanisms; all the aforementioned with an investment of close to 20 million MXN (approximately 1’137’000 EUR). Javier González Franco pointed out that Grupo Bimbo has maintained a permanent commitment with Mexico City, where close to 20 percent of Company world-wide associates are concentrated.