HelloFresh SE: expands ready-to-eat brand to NL and BE

Berlin / DE. (hf) As HelloFresh SE is expanding its ready-to-eat (RTE) brand «Factor» to the Netherlands and the Flanders region in Belgium. Following the success of «Factor» in the United States and Canada, this strategic move supports HelloFresh’s goal to expand its total addressable market (TAM) by growing the RTE category globally. Thanks to the high penetration rate of food solutions e-commerce in the Netherlands and Belgium and a strong preference for convenience, an RTE direct-to-consumer (D2C) service such as «Factor» meets consumers demands in the region. Offering this new service in Europe is the next step for HelloFresh on its way to become an integrated food solutions group.

«By launching «Factor» we are bringing a new healthy and ultra-convenient RTE solution to customers in the Netherlands and Flanders. We are looking forward to unlocking new customer segments in Europe as we expect RTE to significantly contribute to our growth in the coming years,» says Thomas Griesel, co-founder and CEO of HelloFresh. ««Factor» meals are convenient without compromising nutrition, freshness, or taste and we are excited to offer consumers in the region this exciting new product.»

Available in NL as of July 13 and in BE-Flanders as of July 27, customers can choose from a selection of 12 chef-prepared and nutritionist-approved meals per week, spanning the dietary preferences Flexitarian, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, and Keto. «Factor» caters to the trending consumer demands for convenience, health and quality, ensuring customers enjoy fresh, restaurant-quality meals with high nutritional value. Customers are given full control over their weekly orders, allowing them to select the delivery time that suits their schedule so the meals can be delivered straight from the kitchen to their doorsteps.

HelloFresh’s expertise is key to «Factor»’s success

«Factor» was originally founded in the United States of America, where it has spent over a decade perfecting its offerings, from sourcing premium ingredients to cooking meals in its production facilities. Since its acquisition by HelloFresh in November 2020, «Factor»’s U.S. market share in the RTE sector has soared to 60 percent (Q4-2022). HelloFresh’s world-class D2C expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain efficiency result in a major advantage in creating best-in-class RTE meals at scale. As part of HelloFresh, «Factor» will significantly benefit from this know-how advantage. This expertise has already been extended to Canada since the beginning of this year and is now being brought to Europe, ensuring that even more customers can enjoy the same level of convenience and quality.

RTE expansion to Europe supports HelloFresh’s vision

With a strong track record of venturing into new geographies and verticals, HelloFresh continues on its successful multi-brand strategy. HelloFresh’s brand portfolio – comprised of meal kit brands HelloFresh, EveryPlate, Chefs Plate and Green Chef as well as RTE brands Youfoodz and «Factor» allows customers to benefit from a diverse and distinct meal offering for every need, occasion, and price point. Just last year HelloFresh successfully launched Green Chef in the Netherlands, catering towards diet and health conscious consumers. As part of the company’s multi-brand strategy, «Factor» will attract new Dutch and Flemish customers that were previously untapped by HelloFresh and Green Chef.