H+H Bagels: Chain Closed Over Tax Troubles

New York City / NY. (div) H+H Bagels was founded in 1972 by Helmer Toro and is today one of the largest bagel manufacturers in the world – producing about 80’000 bagels a day. From its original location at Broadway and 80th Street, H+H Bagels has expanded to a plant on 46th Street at 12th Avenue, where bagels are produced for shipment throughout the country and around the world. H+H produces «millions and millions of bagels each year», the company is very proud to tell us on its web site.

Now the famous New York City bagel emporium was shut down for not coming up with enough dough, several newspapers reported. According to them state tax officials shut two H+H Bagels facilities for not paying taxes – a shop on Manhattan´s Upper West Side and its factory near the Hudson River in midtown.

State officials say the bagel shop´s owner, First Toro Family Limited Partnership, owed more than 100’000 USD in back taxes. First Toro last week paid back over 25’000 USD immediately to reopen the Upper West Side store, but the bagel-making plant by the river remained shut. A store spokesman called the matter a misunderstanding and declined further comment.

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