HKScan: streamlined its operating model

Turku / FI. (hks) Finland’s HKScan Oyi streamlined its operating model as announced in February. The statutory negotiations initiated in HKScan’s Group functions and Business Unit Finland have been concluded. The aim of the negotiations was to further develop and streamline the Group’s operating model launched at the beginning of 2020.

«The development of operating model will further clarify the responsibilities between Group functions and Business Units. The clarification of roles and responsibilities will emphasise the Business Units’ profit responsibility as well as the Group’s role in the overall strategy management,» says Tero Hemmilä, HKScan’s CEO.

From now on, the Group functions will focus more closely on the Group’s key strategic development projects and management as well as on activities that maintain the good corporate governance of a listed company. The Business Units will focus on managing the operational business with an emphasis on profit responsibility and strategy execution. Exports, for example, will continue to be a centralised function serving all business units.

The statutory negotiations led to the reduction of 20 positions in HKScan’s Group functions. Some of the positions were terminated or transferred to the Business Units and the vacant positions were not filled. The terminations and changes in employment contracts concerned the Group functions and the Business Unit Finland. The new organisation is effective immediately.

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