iba 2015 in Munich: about snacks and the city

Munich / DE. (ghm) Sweet treats for breakfast, crunchy salad or warm dishes for lunch, coffee, cake, and pastries in the afternoon, and hearty meals in the evening: Bakers and confectioners are the perfect place to go for a bite to eat at any time of the day, and score points thanks to their fresh products, as well as their irresistible aroma which draws in customers. At iba 2015, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks, the exhibitions on snacks have been considerably expanded for 2015. «Snacks are a central theme at iba. At the «SnackTrendS» exhibition every company will receive their own individual snack plan, which can be implemented one-to-one in their own business without any problems», says Dieter Dohr, CEO and President of the trade fair organization GHM Gesellschaft fuer Handwerksmessen. «Snack advisors will support bakeries and confectioners in optimising their sales costs, product life and returns process. They will answer questions such as «What are successful snacks?» or, «How important is the in-house production of snacks on-site?». Additionally, daily demonstrations will vividly show the richness of taste and variety in snacks with high quality, because the customer is willing to pay more for this».

iba 2015 takes place from 12 to 17 September in Munich, Germany. The exhibition provides the ideal platform for showcasing innovations from every segment of the industry and a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the market. This is where you will meet the most successful companies in the bakery, confectionery and snack food business, from artisan bakeries to wholesale bakeries to large industrial solutions. But restaurateurs, café owners, food retailers, hotel managers and caterers will also find an almost unlimited and diverse range of products.
The new «SnackTrendS» exhibition shows off the whole spectrum and potential of this field. Over an area of 250 square metres focus will be on small meals, food spreads, sustainable (special) packaging, and the correct way to train staff. At iba, bakeries and confectionery businesses of all sizes have the chance to turn to experienced snack specialists with their individual questions.

Alongside these cost-free consultation sessions the trade fair also offers workshops, in which every participant receives insight into scientific studies and background information, which are useful for strategic business decisions. People can sign up for these directly on-site at the «SnackTrendS» exhibition. As well as this, live demonstrations will present new concepts, explaining which snacks are possible with a range of breads and baked goods, also considering vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

There are also various inspirations and expert demonstrations for masters and journeymen at the iba forum in Hall B3. For example, Jörg Schmid and Johannes Hirth, as well as Siegfried Brenneis and Gerhard Gröber from the German national bakers team will demonstrate breakfast snacks and pastries. German snack expert and author Jürgen Rieber would also like to inspire people with his ideas and recipes: «Visitors can see how different snacks are prepared and then try them afterwards», he says. What is important is that they carry out these ideas and adapt them to the preferences of their customers. Among other things, Rieber shows off hearty pastry snacks with diced meat, mustard and cucumber baked into them, which are «ideal for those who have to travel lots by car», he explains. You can also see how fresh snacks are made at the German Bakers’ Confederation stand in Hall B3: in the glass-walled bakehouse you can see small meals being prepared every day.

A comprehensive overview of the spectrum of snack topics at the iba, which goes far beyond Hall B3, can be found in the new «SnackGuide». The trade visitor will find here a summary of the companies which have specialised in all things to do with snacks, from frozen products, fine foods, fresh snacks and warm dishes, not to mention technology, packaging, shop layout, counters, and ovens, all the way to hot drinks and coffee machines. Printed copies of the «SnackGuide» are available at the trade fair, and snack suppliers can additionally be searched for in the online catalogue (Text and picture: GHM Munich).