iba 2015: Smart Energy Management Pays Off

Munich / DE. (ghm) Whether it is ovens, refrigeration systems, cooking appliances, display cases, heating, lighting, or hot water, a lot of energy is used in bakeries and stores. The demand for energy saving solutions, which significantly reduce operating costs, is greater than ever. At iba 2015, entrepreneurs find a wide range of new solutions for individual, large, and industrial enterprises. «I am excited about the new energy-saving technical solutions to reduce the considerable operating costs. I especially recommend small businesses to have a very close look and to seek advice here. Whoever invests in useful energy-saving technology, can say goodbye to the massive burden faced of rising electricity prices», says Peter Becker, President of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) and of the German Bakers‘ Confederation. According to Becker, anyone who is well informed knows that the investment costs for new equipment are amortized quickly.

iba 2015 takes place from 12 to 17 September in Munich, Germany. The exhibition provides the ideal platform for showcasing innovations from every segment of the industry and a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the market. This is where you will meet the most successful companies in the bakery, confectionery and snack food business, from artisan bakeries to wholesale bakeries to large industrial solutions.
Amongst others at iba, Miwe Michael Wenz GmbH shows how to effectively use energy and thereby reduce fuel consumption. The company even designates its especially energy-efficient products with its own energy-label e+. At the booth at iba visitors can experience a complete energy network and management system at work: In the bakery, the Miwe eco:nova recovers heat independently from oven fumes and flue gas. From a fully automated cooking unit, the Miwe eco:recover draws the waste heat. And the Miwe eco:proof uses the recovered energy for gentle heating of a climatized space. The Miwe eco:control is a newly introduced product, which also serves as a monitor and control unit for managing of energy flows.

The GBT GmbH German Bakery Technology introduces its new steel band oven Mistral 2.0 with which it is applying for the iba Award. With this energy-optimized modular conveyor oven, up to 30 percent energy savings can be achieved, compared to conventional cyclothermic heated steel band ovens. This is achieved through the novel and patented use of the energy of the flue gases, the company said. «Conventional steel band ovens have a very high energy consumption», explains Leila Kenan from the GBT GmbH. There were approaches to generate hot water from flue gases through heat exchangers. However, in bakeries this is usually in sufficient supply. «That is why it makes sense to tackle the energy consumption».

The French manufacturer of industrial bakery equipment Mecatherm relies on continuous improvement of product development processes. Hereby, the focus is mainly on processing dough, and the baking process, but also on innovative features ranging from final fermentation to freezing. The energy aspect of these solutions plays an increasingly important role. At iba Mecatherm is presenting a new conveyor line, among other things, which is equipped with sensors that detect whether trays are in circulation and stops the line immediately when idle. Also in the field of ovens, innovations are being introduced that reduce energy consumption.

The HTT energy GmbH is primarily focused on the issue of heat transfer technology. Whether thermal oil boiler, electric heaters and temperature control, heating-cooling-freezing systems, waste heat systems or steam generators – all essential components for thermal engineering are to be found in their portfolio. At iba, the company presents its latest success: the APEK Mini, an air pre-heater system, which is suitable even for small thermal oil systems from 300 kW. Thus, even small businesses use their waste heat to its full potential and save money.

«World of Process» is the exhibition motto of the WP Bakery Group. This refers to the company’s claim of offering suitable solutions for every process step in a bakery’s or pastry shop’s operation. Of course, this includes the field of energy consumption. So the WP Green division offers customized solutions for the efficient use of waste gases and vapours for heat recovery. The resulting energy can be used for the operation of different devices: for the cooling system as well as dishwashers or even for heating the adjoining residential premises. The Rototherm Green oven is celebrating its premiere at the iba as an electrically heated variant, which heats up from 200 to 250 degrees in just five minutes. Newly arranged electric heating elements, the new insulation concept WP Thermo Package, and the all-around sealing of the oven doors also allow significant energy savings.