Iberhanse: Spanish company pioneers Bio-Inclusive Agriculture

Sevilla / ES. (ihng) Spain’s Iberhanse-NaturGreen launches Bio-Inclusive Agriculture, with this agricultural practice already present in 1,200 hectares of agricultural farms. It is a revolutionary agricultural production model that guarantees natural and sustainable practices for the environment, working for the recovery of flora and fauna in cultivation areas, and combining food production with the protection of biodiversity.

Thanks to the techniques applied by Iberhanse-NaturGreen, 67 farms participating in the project have reduced water consumption by 25 percent, energy consumption by 20 percent and the number of phytosanitary treatments applied by 70 percent, minimizing their toxic load. In addition, more than 75 species of animals have been recovered, 3 million cubic meters of water have been converted into natural ecosystems, more than 30,000 meters of borders and riverbanks have been recovered, and more than 14,000 meters of green corridors.

Marking International Agriculture Day, Iberhanse-Naturgreen is launching its Manifesto of Bio-Inclusive Agriculture to help combat the impact of traditional agricultural activity which continues to be one of the dominant causes of the current loss of species. The Living Planet Index has recorded an overall 60 percent decline in species population sizes between 1970 and 2014, and globally, more than 25 percent of all animal and plant species are threatened with extinction.

Luis Bolaños, CEO of Iberhanse-NaturGreen, said: «Agriculture cannot continue to be the main cause of the loss of global biological diversity. Bio-Inclusive Agriculture, creates healthier products, works to restore and conserve biodiversity on agricultural farms. We have started the great revolution of the 21st century and with it we want to turn our plantations into the forests of the future».