IBIE 2007: AIB to unveil new e-Learning program

Orlando / FL. (aib) Industry professionals have a lot of reasons to attend IBIE October 07th to 10th – to get a first look at the progressive new e-Learning program that has the potential to change how training occurs at major bakeries and food processing plants throughout the world.

This AIB-led initiative was developed around bakers´ needs for on-demand, web-based training for plant equipment and systems. The interactive program will supplement start-up training and keep employees focused on operating their equipment and systems at top performance levels. It is also beneficial for training new employees, as turnover occurs throughout the organization. Furthermore, the program was designed to be interactive—using video clips, quizzes and other exercises to keep participants engaged and to help facilitate retention.

«The e-Learning program addresses a challenge put forth by the Baking Industry Forum (BIF) panel last year. This group identified a need for more effective, equipment-specific training that goes beyond standard classroom-style education», says Kirk O’Donnell, vice-president of education at AIB. «By using e-Learning training programs, baking companies can benefit from the on-demand feature and standardized content that will allow the training to «stick» regardless of the amount of employee turnover or expansion that a company experiences. Whenever an employee is asked to operate or maintain a piece of equipment, he or she will have immediate access to the information that is needed to do the job right».

The new program will be demonstrated using Colborne´s robotic Bread Basket Loading (BBL) system at both the AIB and Colborne booths and is said to be representative of the industry advancements to which participants will be exposed at IBIE 2007. The new program also compliments IBIE´s comprehensive educational conference, which provides cutting-edge training to a wide variety of participants across the grain-based food industry.