ICA Sweden: implements change in organisation to strengthen focus

Stockholm / SE. (ica) ICA Sweden is strengthening its organisation to become even more store-oriented and customer-focused. The management organisation will have a clearer store and customer perspective, which will create the conditions for ICA Sweden to meet changes in the market and strengthen support for ICA retailers. ICA Sweden’s organisation is divided into so-called sponsor areas. The change means that today’s Sales and Marketing is divided into three new areas: Supermarket under the leadership of Magnus Stadig, Food and Local Market under the leadership of Joakim Bengtsson and the new sponsor area Customer and Brand under the leadership of Fredrik Kullberg. The new organisation enables a stronger customer and store focus and a clearer division of responsibilities. All areas will be represented in ICA Sweden’s management team.

«The past few years have been characterised by a changing world and a market that has challenged both our customers and us as a company. We see shifts in consumer behaviour and needs, which in turn places new demands on everyone in the grocery trade. With an even clearer focus on customers and stores, we are further strengthening ICA’s ability to develop our customer offering, strengthen our brand and our support for ICA retailers in order to win in the market,» says Eric Lundberg, CEO of ICA Sweden.

ICA Sweden’s new organisation will come into effect on 01 July 2024.