Ifco: achieves improved score in Sustainalytics ranking

Munich / DE. (ifco) Ifco Systems GmbH, a global leader in reusable packaging solutions for fresh food, achieved an improved score in the latest evaluation by Sustainalytics, ranking seventh out of 180 companies in their «Business Support Services» sub-industry globally, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Sustainalytics, a renowned independent ESG Risk Rating Agency, has recognized IFCO for its continued dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. With a score of 10.7, IFCO improves on its low-risk status, showcasing resilience and responsible management despite the evolving landscape of sustainability challenges.

«We are thrilled to see our ongoing efforts reflected in our improved Sustainalytics score. It underscores our steadfast commitment to ESG and responsible corporate citizenship,» says Chief Executive Officer Michael Pooley in Munich. «This achievement validates our strategic focus on ESG and motivates us to pursue even greater milestones in the future.»

Advancing sustainability: IFCO’s enhanced Sustainalytics score

IFCO’s enhanced overall score of 10.7 and «negligible risk» in all categories signifies progress compared to the previous assessment, where the company achieved an already impressive score of 11.3. IFCO was already recognized by Sustainalytics as a 2023 ESG European Top-rated company. This improvement is a testament to IFCO’s proactive approach to addressing ESG risks and optimizing sustainable practices across its operations. This improvement is a testament to IFCO’s proactive approach to addressing ESG risks and optimizing sustainable practices across its operations.

2024 Rating: IFCO’s position among globally rated companies

Ranking at the top 500 globally evaluated companies by Sustainalytics, IFCO continues to demonstrate leadership in sustainability within its industry. The company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and upholding high governance standards remains unwavering.

Upholding transparency: IFCO’s commitment to ESG disclosure

Alongside its ambitious ESG strategy, IFCO has adopted comprehensive policies and programs to address ESG issues, overseen by its ESG executive committee and advisory committee. The company ensures the quality and safety of its products through a robust product and service safety program, including product safety risk assessments. To mitigate bribery and corruption risks, IFCO has established detailed policies and provides a dedicated independent hotline for reporting concerns. The company also invests in employee development and diversity initiatives.

Furthermore, IFCO’s core circular business model of offering reusable packaging containers (RPCs) comes with inherent environmental benefits across the entire value chain. Moreover, Sustainalytics determines that the company’s overall exposure to material ESG issues remains low.

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, IFCO regularly publishes comprehensive ESG reports, showcasing its progress, initiatives, and impact on stakeholders. This commitment to disclosure further solidifies IFCO’s position as a trusted partner for customers, investors, and other stakeholders committed to sustainability.