India: «Cafe Coffee Day» wants to expand overseas

Mumbai / IN. (wib) India´s coffee retailers are drawing up plans to expand overseas. While Cafe Coffee Day is targeting Europe to extend its reach, Barista Coffee Company is exploring opportunities in Africa and Southeast Asia. The moves come at a time when global giants such as Starbucks and illycafe are planning to set up shops in India, the Calcutta based «Telegraph» reports. Cafe Coffee Day, a division of India´s largest coffee conglomerate, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited, is planning to invest a lot of money over the next 15 to 24 months. Part of the funds will be used to open 265 outlets in the country and 40 to 50 shops abroad. The coffee and snacks retailer now has 435 outlets across 83 cities in the country. Venu Madhav, head of operations from Cafe Coffee Day, told the Telegraph: «We will have about 700 outlets in India in a span of 15 months. Our plan covers 100 cities, which includes Agartala and Amravati». Overseas, there are two outlets each in Karachi and Vienna. Madhav says there would be 15 more outlets in Austria and Pakistan within one year. The company is reportedly exploring more opportunities in Europe, particularly in Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic. «We are planning to open about 40 to 50 outlets abroad in the next three to five years», Madhav says. Earlier this year, Barista Coffee Company said it would increase the number of upscale Barista Creme bars to 25 from seven. The number of Barista Espresso bars will go up to 200 during this financial year, with 120 more outlets planned for the next fiscal. Barista, which already operates in the Gulf countries, is exploring opportunities in Maldives, Mauritius, Egypt and Southeast Asia. There are also plans to open three outlets in Dhaka this year. Indias Cafe Coffee Day advises a growth rate of about 50 percent in its revenue this fiscal.