Internorga: Tasty potentials in fast food and snacking

Hamburg / DE. (hmc) The biggest Internorga of all time is coming up from 13 to 18 March 2015, when a total of 1’300 exhibitors will use this leading trade show to highlight their product developments, trends and innovations. The special focus in the Food + Beverages area will be on snacks in every form and for every occasion. The snack market in Germany continues to grow strongly, demanding constant innovation and high quality from suppliers.

«Internorga 2015 presents new approaches for bakers, butchers and restaurant operators, and all other suppliers, showing them how to boost their business and develop new potentials in the quick service area, which is still growing», says Claudia Johannsen, Head of Business Unit at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The portfolio of products at Internorga is supplemented by organic ranges, products for the increasing number of allergy sufferers, vegans and vegetarians, plus an extensive range of ethnofood.

Snack expertise at the Trendforum Pink Cube

Karin Tischer, Managing Director of the R+D institution food + more, is a recognised trend researcher and product developer. At the Internorga Trendforum «Pink Cube» will focus specifically on trends and innovations in the snack segment, and take visitors on a snack tour around the world: «Eating occasions and forms have changed in our society. ‘Eating on the move’ is a driving force in the industry. Snacks with and without meat, vegan, hot and cold, sweet and savoury, are best sellers in all areas of the out-of-home market. As finger food and hand-held, to eat between meals or as a side-dish. The top priorities for customers and suppliers are convenience and simplicity, rather than presentation». They have great potential above all in bakery and hot snacks to-go. «Demand drives supply», adds Tischer, «so the focus must be on customer needs, and they have developed a new awareness and differentiated expectations for snacks».

Freshness and variety to go

This view is shared by Tobias Schultheis, Head of Marketing and Sales at snackconnection – «Customers are moving around more, and international influences are increasingly important. So it is evident that customers will continue to shape the snack market by their behaviour. Suppliers have to offer what customers want. And mostly that is quick snacks on the move, with more freshness and variety. And consumers are putting more and more focus on practical packaging solutions». snackconnection will announce exciting and innovative solutions for the coming Internorga for all kinds of hot and cold snacks, including Danish Pastry. «We look forward to a varied and stimulating event», says Tobias Schultheis.

Burgers selling well

Burger concepts are currently all the rage at restaurants, as demonstrated at «Hans im Glück» and «Burgerlich». Salomon FoodWorld also puts burgers high up the list. «For us burgers are the fastest growing segment, with more than 150 variants. All our beefburgers, raw and cooked, are made from pure beef, and in some cases refined with spices. It is also vital to have the right bread – our recipes now use wholemeal bread, rye bread, ciabatta or olive bread», says Jochen Kramer, Head of Marketing at Salomon FoodWorld. He also announces an exclusive new product to be launched at Internorga 2015 – «Fire Roasted Chik´n», pre-grilled on an open fire as rib, finger or steak, for very simple preparation in a combi-oven. «That means restaurants can serve it with authentic grill marks, and the barbecue flavour, without all the work». Salomon will also present «Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks» in Hamburg and «Artland Knusper Schnitzel» as a chicken variant.

Regional specialities and authenticity

«Back to the roots» is very much on the menu today, with a tremendous demand for regional specialities. For example Friesenkrone-Feinkost Schwarz + Sohn GmbH + Co. KG from Marne invites visitors to try high-quality fish from North Germany. «Internorga is a great enrichment in the trade fair calendar for Friesenkrone. We will be exhibiting for the first time, and look forward to making new business contacts and networking with existing customers», says Sylvia Ludwig, Head of the Institutional Catering Profit Center. «Regional products and authentic recipes are also increasingly popular in the beverage sector», says Claudia Johannsen. That is shown by the increasing popularity of brands such as «elbler» (a natural cider made of apples from the Altes Land area), Lemonaid, and Lütts Landlust regional fruit juices; and not least by the strongly growing trend to Craft Beer, with presentations by brewers large and small.

Well-known, established brands such as Coca-Cola have also been partners of Internorga for many years. Manfred Hargarten, Director Sales Out-of-Home Market, explains why: «Internorga is one of the most important international industry events, giving us opportunities to network with the industry and to showcase innovations, and it is also an extra platform for meeting individual customers». The beverage specialist will continue its «Coke Campus» series of events again, for the third year in succession.

About Internorga

Internorga has been the leading European trade fair for hotels, restaurants, institutional catering, bakery and confectionery ever since 1921. It is held in March every year, with more than 1’200 exhibitors from Germany and abroad displaying their innovations, trends and complete solutions for the whole of the out-of-home market. In addition to the exhibitors´ presentations, there is a big programme of supporting events, international conferences, award presentations, and innovative side-event concepts. Internorga is traditionally held at the Hamburg Fair site, at the heart of Hamburg. Admission is subject to proof of trade visitor status. The admission charge is 31.00 EUR (or 39.50 EUR for a two-day ticket), concessionary rate for trainees in the trade 16 EUR. The standard admission charge simultaneously gives free-of-charge admission to FH North, the new Butchery Trade Fair in the North.