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Kellogg: Company elects new member to its board

Battle Creek / MG. (kc) Kellogg Company announced the election of Cynthia H. Milligan, dean emeritus of the College of Business Administration at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and trustee of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, to its board of directors effective immediately. «We are very pleased to welcome Cynthia to our board», said Chairman Jim Jenness. «Cynthia´s business acumen and financial experience will be a great asset to our company». Prior to her tenure with the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Milligan served as director of banking and finance for the State of Nebraska. She was also a senior partner in the law firm of Rembolt Ludtke Parker Milligan + Berger and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Nebraska College of Law, specializing in taxation and banking law. Milligan also served as a Director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Omaha Branch.

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