Kespro: builds most advanced product development kitchen

Kesko / FI. (kkc) K Group’s foodservice wholesaler Kespro is building new premises for its Oulu takeaway in Äimärautio. The estimated date of completion and move is September 2023. With the new wholesale centre, Kespro will meet the ever-growing needs of restaurants and the new centre will include a modern product development kitchen, Foodsteri.

«The restaurant and tourism sector is once again in good shape, but the growth in eating out is also driven by the increase in casual dining in restaurants. With the new outlet, we are responding to the increased demand, improving our space efficiency and meeting our customers’ growing expectations of the outlet,» says Ilpo Korkala, Regional Director of Kespro.

The most advanced product development kitchen in the North

The new wholesaler will be built on Rautasepänti, which will be completed in the summer. The building will have an area of 3 525 square meters. Optimizing the use of space will make it easier and faster for customers to shop. A well-equipped product development kitchen, Foodsteri, will be built for use by Kespro’s customers.

«The product development kitchen can be used to help the restaurant’s business development, for example in menu planning and various training sessions. When completed, Foodsteri will be the most advanced professional kitchen in northern Finland,» says Korkala.

A more energy-efficient building – a more sustainable choice for the restaurant

«Now, earthworks and foundation piling are being carried out on the site. The new wholesale will open in September 2023, but the construction market situation may affect the schedule,» says Korkala.

Tuku’s refrigeration equipment, other cooling, heating and lighting will be made energy efficient. The new wholesale will enable an estimated annual energy saving of 380 MWh, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of a grocery store the size of a K-Supermarket.

Kespro’s current Oulu pick-up point is also located in Äimärautio. The current property was built in 1981. Kespro’s northernmost wholesale outlet is located in Rovaniemi, where the wholesale outlet’s renovation and energy renovation project was completed in 2021.

Kespro, a member of K-Group, is Finland’s leading foodservice wholesaler and a partner to both its customers and municipalities in Finland. Kespro offers its customers tailor-made and versatile procurement solutions, delivery and pick-up services and business development services for restaurants. All activities are based on uncompromising quality and genuine customer understanding. Kespro wants to make eating out more enjoyable, responsible and popular.