Kespro: New data tool helps to monitor purchases

Kesko / FI. (kkc) Through the new data-based service, restaurants and other Kespro wholesale customers can view their own raw material purchases in a variety of ways, from the perspective of euros, kilos, domesticity and sustainability. The service of K Group’s foodservice wholesaler Kespro is free of charge for customers. «Our goal is to help restaurants and our other foodservice customers develop their business and profitability with data. When your own purchasing data can be found in one place in an easily understandable and usable format, it will be easier to monitor and optimise raw material costs,» says Taiju Jaatinen, Director of Service Business at the foodservice wholesaler.

The data used by the Reports service is compiled from purchases made by the customer from Kespro and from purchases where invoices are circulated through Kespro. The service provides not only an overall view of purchases, but also more detailed information: data can be filtered in different ways, for example by supplier and product level, and comparisons can be made between different time periods or company locations. «The ready-made reports provide information quickly at a glance, and you can also save self-created report templates,» says Jaatinen.

Sustainability also in the spotlight

An important feature for many customers is the tool’s information on the degree of domesticity of raw material purchases. In addition, the service makes it possible to monitor the proportion of purchases that are labelled as sustainable, such as Fairtrade, organic or Heart Label products. «Sustainability is increasingly important today, both for our customers and for their customers. Based on the data, a restaurant can set targets to increase its domesticity rate and also get a basis for its own sustainability communication,» says Jaatinen. «Everyday life in restaurants is busy. The tools used must be effective and deliver real benefits. We have developed the service together with our customers to make it as easy to use as possible and suitable for their work. I am delighted that we are now able to make it more widely available to other customers,» he concludes.