Kneaders Bakery + Cafe: Names President And CFO

Salt Lake City / UT. (kbc) Kneaders Bakery + Cafe is pleased to announce that David Vincent (current Kneaders CFO) will assume the role of President and CFO effective July 01, 2015. Vincent will continue to work closely with the Executive Team and oversee the growth of Kneaders Bakery + Cafe as it continues to use only the highest-quality ingredients to create European hearth breads, delicious sandwiches, home-made pastries, hearty soups and refreshing salads across the Western United States.

Vincent’s transition to President comes after 18 years with the company. He began his tenure as a part-time employee where he made sandwiches and washed dishes and joined the company full-time in 2000. Since then, he has worked closely with founders Gary and Colleen Worthington where he has been actively involved in refining the systems and processes which have led the company to a 375 percent growth in sales for the last five years and expansion to 35 locations in five western states.

«We are thrilled to have Dave continue his leadership with Kneaders in the role of President and CFO», said Kneaders Founder Colleen Worthington. «Dave has played an integral role in refining the Kneaders brand which has directly contributed to the success and growth of the company. His leadership will undoubtedly continue to greatly influence the success of the brand».

«I am excited to continue my work with Kneaders Bakery + Cafe as President and CFO», states Vincent. «I am committed to maintaining the high standards that we have established and eager to have an opportunity to introduce the Kneaders brand to more customers in more states».

Kneaders Bakery + Cafe earned the No. 8 rating on «Restaurant Business» magazine’s Future 50 list, and a No. 100 rating in the Technomic’s 150 Fast-Casual Sales Growth list and has received numerous Best of State Awards. The fast-casual restaurant continues to receive top honours and praises from customers and industry experts alike.