Koria: Fazer invests in increasing production capacity

Helsinki / FI. (fg) To meet the growing demand for oat drinks, Finland’s Fazer Group invests in increasing production capacity. Fazer’s Koria factory doubled the production volume of oat drinks when the capacity expansion was put into operation in June. The acquisition of Trensums Food AB, located in Tingsryd in Sweden, further increases Fazer’s oat drink production capacity.

According to a study commissioned by Fazer1), oat drinks are gaining in popularity in Finland. 72 percent of Finns use plant-based drinks at least on a monthly basis. That is a 7 per cent increase from the previous year. Consumers are interested in plant-based food in general: 63 percent would like to eat more plant-based food than they currently do.

«Oat drinks have become favourites for many different kinds of consumers and are no longer a marginal phenomenon. There is no difference in consumption between men and women, and oat drinks have found their way into the shopping baskets of consumers of all ages. These products are also used increasingly widely in families with children. Key drivers for using oat drinks are the sustainability of the products, the willingness to try something new and desire for change, and above all the delicious and mild taste of the products,» says Fazer’s Non-dairy Marketing Director Lauri Vesala.

Fazer invests in the production of oat drinks

Fazer’s Koria factory produces for example Fazer Aito Oat Drink products that can be used for several purposes in the same way as milk. All Fazer Aito Oat Drinks are made from Finnish oats.

«As the demand for oat drinks is growing, we decided to make additional investments in the oat drink production at our Koria factory. The expansion completed at the beginning of June will ease the oat processing and double our capacity. The increased production capacity will create a foundation for broadening the selection of oat-based products and improve our competitiveness,» says VP Kati Rajala, responsible for Fazer’s Non-Dairy and Dairy Business.

The Koria factory capacity expansion was completed on schedule despite the unstable geopolitical situation. The project has a positive local impact because new personnel have been recruited and trained to work at the factory.

«Fazer is a forerunner in innovating and manufacturing oat products, and we invest heavily in R+D in all our businesses. I believe that in the future all dairy products will have a plant-based equivalent,» Rajala continues.

In addition to Koria, Fazer also produces oat drinks in Tingsryd, Sweden. The acquisition of Trensums Food AB was completed in February 2022. It is part of Fazer’s strategy to increase the share of plant-based products, in where oat drinks play a significant role. Fazer is a strong player in the Nordic oat product market and aims to establish its position in Central Europe as well. Tingsryd in Southern Sweden is ideally located for exports to Central Europe.