Kwality Group: plans to establish multi-brand strategy

New Delhi / IN. (wib) India´s economy is growing as fast as China´s and therefore not to be underestimated. In the news we often read about the People´s Republic of China and Southeast Asia – Reports about the economic growth of the sub continent are amazingly reserved against that.

The reasons backnetz:eu does not know exactly. Maybe the Indian bakery industry – first of all – has enough to do with itself: searching and training specialists, developing excellent know-how and quality management for a global market in a likewise global competition. Secondly: So long the global supporting industry can follow their business unimpaired, the competition pressure is less high. The interest to discuss the growth of Indian bakery industry is accordingly small. Thirdly: India´s industry is ready to conquer their part of the world. Too much attention could only disturb there.

But sometimes the international message jungle pities and grants us an unexpected view – like today: «Kwality group plans to establish a multi-brand strategy for each of the brands and businesses and is looking at franchising options in the future», WikiBaker reads in HospitalityExpress from Hyderabad. Quotation: «At a time when dining out was considered a lavish affair at a five star hotel, Kwality group (since 1940) came up with restaurants redefining the concept of dining-out for the middle class. Taking great pride in what the group has achieved over the decades Dhruv Lamba, managing director of the company says: «Today at this juncture, we wish to become one of the biggest companies in food and beverage sector with multiple brand operations in India as well as abroad». The determination comes from the fact that Indian food sector has changed its stature over the last decade and Kwality, as a brand, has established itself as the harbinger in gourmet business.

Looking at their website, we learn more about Kwality brands. We see «Kwality Wall´s» (ice cream – looks like «Langnese» known in Germany), «Kwality Restaurants» (Mumbai, Delhi), «Kwality Caterers» (international cuisine) and – here it comes – «Kwality Bread n More» with a versatile bread assortment. Today Kwality group is managing over 40 outlets under its brands in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Baroda and London (UK). If you like to know more about «Kwality» and brands, visit (caution: they play a sound there not everybody likes and you cannot stop it). If you like to read an interesting article instead about Kwality´s plans for the future, visit HospitalityExpress.