Lance Inc.: announced a new cracker line in Georgia

Charlotte / NC. (lec) Lance Inc. announced a new cracker line and increased candy bar production at its west Georgia plant through a 10,5 million USD expansion expected by late fall. The snack maker, which employs about 525 workers, will add approximately 70 jobs including machine operators and supervisors. Senior vice president Blake Thompson says to the «Ledger-Enquirer» in Columbus (Georgia, U.S.) that «the food business is growing nicely right now». The economic downturn has prompted more people to stay home to eat – which works out well for companies like Lance that sell packaged food items through grocers, convenience stores and food service outlets. The Charlotte, NC-based company also makes crackers, cookies, nuts, potato chips and more in North Carolina, Iowa, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas and Ontario, Canada. Thompson says the company likes Columbus´ location for distribution, the city´s support for business, and the plant´s capacity to expand.

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