Lantmännen and Svenskmärkning extends labeling of products

Stockholm / SE. (lg) Lantmännen and Svenskmärkning extends labeling of Lantmännen’s brand portfolio. In an effort to clarify the Swedish origin and processing of foods, products from Kungsörnen, AXA, GoGreen and Korvbrödsbagarn will be labeled with the «Från Sverige» label during 2021. On a yearly basis, Lantmännen will label more than 50 million consumer packaged goods.

Flour from Kungsörnen have been labeled since last year and during the second quarter this year, Lantmännen will extend usage of the «Från Sverige» label by tagging peas, beans and lentils from GoGreen as well as AXA oats. Additionally, consumer packaged bread from Korvbrödsbagarn will be labeled continuously during the summer. On a yearly basis, Lantmännen will tag more than 50 million consumer packaged products with the label.

With operations throughout the value chain, Lantmännen is a major player within the Swedish food industry and by adding the label, Lantmännen purposes to increase credence of the products themselves and to strengthen the affiliation to Swedish agriculture.

«Fundamentally, it is about making it easier for consumers to choose products that are grown and produced in Sweden. The new label together with Lantmännen’s Guarantor will guide consumers and emphasize the association to our owners – Swedish farmers», says Mark Robinson, Director Group Brand and Marketing.

«We see how consumers increasingly are demanding Swedish produce and that they ask for more clarity when it comes to labeling of different foods’ origin and processing. To use the label, the product must be cultivated, processed, packaged and controlled in Sweden and Lantmännen has the entire value chain from farm to fork. Therefore, it is delightful that Lantmännen continues to tag additional parts of their brand portfolio», says Ulrika Ekström, CEO of Svenskmärkning.

In 2017, the Swedish government presented a national food strategy with the overreaching goal of creating a long-term sustainable and competitive food chain.

«The aim of this collaboration is to support the development of Swedish agriculture in the entire chain from farm to fork. We see that we as a brand can raise consumers’ awareness when they choose Swedish produce, making them more inclined to do so. In that sense, the label contributes to the overreaching goal in the Swedish food strategy of increased, more competitive and sustainable food production», says Patrik Myrelid, Director Group Strategy at Lantmännen.