Lantmännen: Group President and CEO retiring in 2022

Stockholm / SE. (lg) Lantmännen Group President and CEO, Per Olof Nyman, has announced that he intends to finalize his operational career, and thereby leave his current position, during 2022. The decision follows a successful development of Lantmännen during his 12 years with the Group, the latest ten of which in his current position.

«I have turned 65, so the decision to pass the torch to someone else feels natural now that I’ve reached retirement age. I will postpone my retirement somewhat and continue in my current position into 2022 – in part due to the pandemic and the process to find a successor. Lantmännen is a unique and great company, with wonderfully competent and engaged employees and owners. I have had great and inspiring years at Lantmännen, and I’m proud of what we have achieved during my years as Group President and CEO. Together, we have created a profitable, growing and even more sustainable company – and achieved great success in our businesses. We stand on a strong platform and have a clear, forward-looking strategy, and I look forward to continue developing Lantmännen with undiminished efforts while I remain,» says Per Olof Nyman.

«Per Olof is a very skilled and appreciated leader, both among employees and members. With him at the helm, Lantmännen has developed into a stable, profitable and future-oriented company. Both the financial results and the dividend to our members have increased significantly during his time as Group President and CEO – and we have established a solid strategy that takes us into the future. I’m grateful that Per Olof stays on until 2022, which gives us time to find the right replacement for a very exciting and challenging position. I would already like to extend my warm thanks to Per Olof for his many great contributions to Lantmännen and Swedish agriculture,» says Per Lindahl, Chairman of Lantmännen’s Board of Directors.

The work of recruiting a replacement begins immediately. Per Olof Nyman intends to stay in his position until his successor assumes the role.