Lantmännen: How to strengthen Sweden’s food security

Stockholm / SE. (lg) The consultancy firm Macklean has produced a report outlining how the Swedish agriculture and food sector can ensure food security in the event of a crisis or war. The report proposes nine points to create a robust food value chain, from agriculture to retail.

The proposals in the report emphasize the importance of maintaining a functioning production and flow through the entire value chain, using existing facilities and structures to increase the overall storage capacity, and opening up for increased cooperation between different companies and actors. The report also emphasizes the importance of establishing domestic production of mineral fertilizers and biofuels to reduce dependence on imports. This is because these products, together with other input goods such as seeds, feed and sustainable plant protection, form the foundation of the entire food chain.

Lantmännen supports the proposals presented and believes that a robust food preparedness requires the holistic approach that the report well conveys. The report is an important contribution to the work of strengthening Sweden’s food security. The report is only avaiable in Swedish language.

«The report proposes several important measures to secure Sweden’s food supply, including using existing structures in the food chain and increasing cooperation between its actors to create greater storage capacity for input goods and agricultural products. These and other measures would strengthen Swedish preparedness,» says Per Arfvidsson, Vice President and CTO, Lantmännen. The report (PDF) was commissioned by Lantmännen and LRF and is available in its entirety via the cooperative’s homepage.