Lantmännen launches CNC programme in Finland

Stockholm / SE. (lg) After its success in Sweden, Lantmännen Group launches the Climate + Nature cultivation (CNC) programme now in the neighbourhood. The programme is being launched in Finland with the initial aim of reducing the carbon footprint of Finnish rye cultivation by 15 percent. The expansion into another market is the first since the programme started 2015 in Sweden and is being implemented after the carbon footprint of growing Swedish wheat was reduced by up to 30 percent.

Climate + Nature is Lantmännen’s programme for the Future of Agriculture with concrete measures for reduced climate impact and promoted biodiversity. Already in 2015, the first step was taken for a transformation of farming in Sweden with positive results from both an environmental and business perspective. The fact that the programme is used by Lantmännen’s own brands as well as external customers is crucial for the continued growth in Sweden and now the programme is also being launched on the Finnish market to also contribute to the transformation of the Finnish food value chain starting with rye cultivation.

«It is great to see how we continue to take important steps forward to make the Agriculture of the Future a reality today. By contracting farmers to grow in accordance with Climate + Nature, we can offer both economically and environmentally sustainable products to the market. Next in line is the popular Finnish rye bread,» says Head of Sustainability Claes Johansson.

With Climate + Nature, we want to be a leader in the development of the Agriculture of the Future, meet the demand for sustainable and climate-friendly products and create incentives to grow even more sustainably.

«The Climate + Nature cultivation programme has been a success in Sweden and it is therefore particularly pleasing that we are now taking it to more markets. Through close and committed cooperation in and between Lantmännen Agro, Lantmännen Cerealia, Lantmännen Unibake and Vaasan – which made the launch possible – we have a unique position from farm to fork in Finland as well. From this position of strength, we have the opportunity to positively influence the transition to a more sustainable Finnish food sector, on our own and in collaboration with other actors,» says Vice President Per Arfvidsson.

Successful results have paved the way

Between 2015 and 2020, Lantmännen’s carbon footprint from wheat cultivation was reduced by almost 30 percent compared to conventional farming, while creating more favourable conditions for both warblers and insects. Collaboration with both Lantmännen’s own brands and external customers has been a driving force for the development that has been able to take place with continued good yields from cultivation and high quality grain. Through contract farming, Lantmännen guarantees sales of the harvest while the farmer receives compensation for the measures carried out on the farm.

Claes Johansson: «Both yield levels and climate benefits are measured on an ongoing basis, and the good results are a driving force for the continued development of profitable, sustainable and vibrant farming. Going forward, we will continue with more investments in Sweden while we are now expanding our expertise to the Finnish market.»

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