Lantmännen Research: announces annual call for proposals

Stockholm / SE. (lg) The Lantmännen Research Foundation annually awards 25 million Swedish crowns to research throughout the agriculture sector’s value chain, from field to fork. With the aim of reaching a fully sustainable agriculture sector that can both reach climate neutrality by 2050 and increase productivity, the Foundation works to secure both the viability of the agriculture sector and food security over time.

This year’s call is open for applications until 30 September 2022. The foundation’s specific priorities are presented in call texts for three focus areas: Agriculture and Machinery, Food and Health and Bioenergy and Green Materials. Lantmännen Research focuses primarily on practically applicable research.

«The foundation works to achieve the vision of sustainable agriculture and a robust food system where Lantmännen’s operations are included throughout the value chain. The road to get there is paved with both opportunities and challenges that require various initiatives and broad collaboration between the private sector and research community. It is in that intersection we can find new solutions that pushes the development forward,» says Helena Fredriksson, Head of Research at Lantmännen Research Foundation.

To further progress towards the vision of a sustainable agriculture sector, with increased productivity and decreased carbon footprint, the foundation is seeking applications for projects that can contribute with new knowledge and innovation in areas such as precision farming, sustainable production aids, innovative cultivation systems and practical measures to increase and measure carbon sequestration.

In order to achieve the vision of a robust food system and increased self-sufficiency, the foundation is seeking applications within the Food and Health focus area that contribute to the development of new plant-based foods and ingredients, increased understanding of the health effects of cereals and legumes and improved bread quality.

In order to achieve the vision of a more bio-based society and increased circularity from field to fork, the foundation is seeking applications within the Bioenergy and green materials focus area that aims to increase the utilization ratio and refining of all agricultural raw materials and side streams. In addition, there is particular interest in research on renewable components for next-generation chemicals, oils and materials as well as bio-based fuels for existing agricultural machinery.

Applicants are welcome to contact the Lantmännen Research Foundation before the applications are submitted, to discuss project ideas and hear more about the Swedish Group’s opportunities to offer high-quality test materials, test sites and data.

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