Leading Proxy Advisor Supports Aryzta’s Proposed Chair

Zurich / CH. (aag) Swiss-Irish Aryzta AG notes that ISS, the leading corporate governance advisory group, has recommended for Aryzta’s proposed Chair, Andreas G. Schmid. Aryzta also notes that ISS has recommended against the removal of Kevin Toland and Annette Flynn as members of the Board of Directors. ISS has recommended for two of the Shareholder Group’s nominees, Urs Jordi and Heiner Kamps to join the Board as directors. As set in the Letter to Shareholders of 18 August, 2020, Aryzta will support two of the Shareholder Group’s candidates – provided they observe either an established or a modified nominations process. As previously set out in the earlier Letter to Shareholders of 20 July, 2020, Gary McGann, as Chair, together with Dan Flinter and Rolf Watter as directors will step down from the Board at the conclusion of the EGM.