Lesaffre: strengthens its presence in the United States

Paris / FR. (lg) French Lesaffre Group announces a series of investments in the United States to strengthen its geographical footprint in the region, respond to growth in nutrition and health, and better serve its customers. The Group, present in the U.S. since 1978, employs more than 600 people in this country in its yeast , bacteria and baking ingredients factories, «Baking Center» and corporate headquarters. The Group continues to grow through several capital investments and acquisitions, expanding its footprint and adapting to the new needs of its customers in nutrition, health and biotechnology.

«For 170 years, Lesaffre has offered solutions based on fermentation and micro-organisms that are ever more relevant given the food challenges of tomorrow,» said Group-CEO Brice-Audren Riché. «We innovate every day to offer our customers solutions adapted to their needs, thanks to our global know-how. This is essential considering the major food challenges we face today and will face in the years to come. Being as close as possible to our customers is one of our priorities. The development of our geographical footprint in the United States is a key enabler to better serve every day our North American clients.»

With the objective to nourish 9 billion human beings by 2050, the Group is investing in both new equipment and R+D to be as close as possible to its customers and offer them the most relevant solutions, while respecting the planet’s limited resources. Further expansion in the United States is strategic for Lesaffre, this is why many investments were made in 2023.

The 10th fermentor for the yeast plant in Cedar Rapids (IA)

To meet the growing demand in the nutrition and biotech sectors while continuing good service to existing clients, Red Star Yeast LLC, inaugurated a new fermentor on August 31. This additional capacity to serve the bakery, nutrition, health, and biotech sectors offers flexibility and adaptability to customers, enabling the Group, to go further into finding solutions to face the food challenges of tomorrow.

The new dryer for the yeast extract plant in Iowa

On this site in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Group invested in a new dryer to meet growing Phileo, Lesaffre Business Unit dedicated to animal nutrition and health customer demand, while taking a more respectful approach to the environment by limiting its CO2 emissions.

Genome engineering technology acquisition

The Group acquired capabilities from a Massachusetts-based bioscience company that focus on naturally derived molecules to benefit human health, which joins the Lesaffre Institute of Science and Technology. This investment expands capabilities in metabolic engineering for the Group entity Recombia Biosciences, with new labs opening in November 2023.

This new investment will allow Lesaffre and Recombia to explore the potential of plant metabolites produced via precision fermentation processes in bacteria and yeasts, along with their multiple interactions with microorganisms.

Recombia Biosciences, a biotechnology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was acquired by Lesaffre in 2022. The acquisition of Recombia Biosciences was part of a comprehensive strategy to invest heavily in research and development to unlock the full potential of microorganisms.