Limagrain: pursues growth in spite of difficult context

Chappes / FR. (lgg) For its fiscal year closing on June 30, 2014, Limagrain Group achieved sales of 1’969’000 EUR, an increase of 1.5 percent. This performance, achieved in a difficult general context, confirms the relevance of the Group’s strategy. Limagrain continued to consolidate its activities both locally and internationally over the course of the fiscal year. Consolidated sales came to 1’969’000 EUR, as opposed to 1’939’000 EUR in 2013 and represents the Group´s best performance since it was founded. Net income came to 97 million EUR. The Field Seeds business continued to gain market shares in Europe and on the other continents. The Vegetable Seeds business made strong progress, reinforcing the Group´s leadership internationally. The Cereal Products business continued to develop, and now constitutes a major pillar in Limagrain´s activities.

Activities Sales Group Sales
Field Seeds 850 million EUR 43 percent
Vegetable Seeds 563 million EUR 29 percent
Garden Products 080 million EUR 04 percent
Cereal Ingredients 084 million EUR 04 percent
Bakery Products 303 million EUR 15 percent
Limagrain Agro-Productions 089 million EUR 05 percent

Limagrain continues to invest in research and devotes 200 million EUR, which is 13.5 percent of its professional sales. The Group´s capacity to propose high-quality innovative products is essential to further gains in new markets.