Lotus Bakeries: invests in the «Good Crisp Company»

Lembeke / BE. (lbbv) FF2032, corporate venture fund of Belgium’s Lotus Bakeries Group, announces the closing of a minority investment in US brand »The Good Crisp Company«. FF2032’s investment is part of a larger Series A financing round to support the growth of the company. The Good Crisp Company is the fifth company to join the FF2032 investment portfolio.

The Good Crisp Company, a Better-For-You savoury snacking brand, was founded in 2015 in Australia by Matthew Parry who was looking for a healthier snack alternative that would fit into his gluten-free diet and could be enjoyed together with his kids. When the brand started gaining traction in the United States, Matthew decided to move with his entire family from Australia to Colorado (US).

At present, the company offers a range of natural, gluten-free, clean-label, non-GMO and allergen friendly chips that are entirely free of artificial flavorings, colorants and taste enhancers. With clean and high quality ingredients, The Good Crisp Company fulfils its promise to offer great tasting products and guilt-free snacking for everyone in the simple form of a potato chip. It currently has five iconic flavors in two formats on the market. In addition to that, the company has recently diversified, moving into a another savoury snacking category with its new product ‘Cheese Balls’.

Making its way into grocery stores all over the US, The Good Crisp Company already has over 13,000 points of distribution, including major retailers such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger and Wegmans.

Matthew Parry, CEO + founder of The Good Crisp Company: «We are really excited to be welcoming FF2032 to the team. As part of the Lotus Bakeries Group, FF2032 brings generations of experience in growing and commercializing amazing tasting snacks. Especially in light of all the opportunities that we are already seeing in 2022, such as growth opportunities with new retailers and increasing rotations, I am convinced that we will benefit greatly from this partnership. I look forward to further building the Better-For-You canister snack category.»

Lotus Bakeries’ CEO Natural Foods Isabelle Maes, who is joining the board of directors, is impressed by the strong track record of growth: «The Good Crisp Company positions itself as a better-for-you chips brand in a very sizeable market of savoury canister snacks and has already shown strong performance with compelling evidence for future potential. There is a great team in place that I look forward to working with.»

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