Mars Wrigley: M+M opens brand store in Berlin

McLean / VA. (mi) Directly on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, a sugary sweet M+M brand store is opening these days. According to Mars Wrigley, this is the first M+M brand store in continental Europe. «People want to experience fun and entertainment with their favourite brands,» says Carsten Simon, general manager of Mars Wrigley Germany. He adds that M+M is able to create beautiful moments and smiles like hardly any other confectionery brand. Fans, locals and tourists from all over the world can look forward to that.

Kurfürstendamm could use a little tinsel and sparkle. Compared to the long-favoured Alexanderplatz, the «City West» looks pretty dusty today. However, «Spanning nearly 3,000 square meters, M+M Berlin is a nod to the city’s artistic roots and leans into its vibrant energy with unique design elements that immerse guests in all sorts of colourful fun,» reads the media release, which extols «all sorts of brand experiences» above all. We’re glad to see a colourful splash in the grey monotony (Photos: Mars Wrigley).

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