Metro Group: grows sales in first half-year

Duesseldorf / DE. (mg) Metro Group continued on its successful growth path in the first six months of 2007. In year-on-year comparison, the company raised sales by 10,9 percent to 30,3 billion Euro. Net of the acquisitions of Wal-Mart Germany and Geant in Poland, sales rose 6,7 percent.

«The vigorous sales boost of almost eleven percent underlines the efficiency and dynamics of Metro Group. We will consistently continue on our successful growth path also in future», asserted Dr. Hans-Joachim Körber, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Metro Group. «Our strongest growth regions are still Eastern Europe and Asia, but in the challenging markets of Western Europe and in Germany we were also able to grow against the trend. Therefore, we confirm the outlook we gave for 2007».

Sales outside Germany rose by a total of 13,5 percent to 17,2 billion Euro. Net of the acquisition of Geant in Poland, international sales went up 11,8 percent. In Western Europe sales rose 6,1 percent. Above-average growth rates were achieved by Metro Group in Eastern Europe and Asia where it reached a plus in sales of 23,5 percent and 26,5 percent, respectively. The share of international sales increased in year-on-year comparison, from 55,5 percent to 56,8 percent. «Our international expansion again prompted sustainable growth impulses», Dr. Körber commented. «We will continue to consistently implement our successful internationalization strategy».
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