Middleby: Acquires Filtration Automation Inc.

Elgin / IL. (tmc) The Middleby Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of equipment for the commercial foodservice, announced the acquisition of Filtration Automation Inc., known for Micron-Pro brand high capacity oil management systems. Based in Mansfield, Texas, the company’s innovative and patented technologies are used for poultry, fish, and snacks applications. Filtration Automation has annual revenues of approximately USD 10 million.

«Micron-Pro is the leader in oil filtration technology providing customers with substantial savings on oil, while enhancing the consistency of food quality,» said Tim FitzGerald, Middleby CEO. «The Micron-Pro patented, continuous filtration technology gives operators labor savings, improved fryer performance and significant opportunities for cost savings. We are excited about the addition of this innovation to our food processing portfolio, which will allow us to extend our frying system offerings, while continuing to further our strategy of providing best-in-class automated full-line solutions.»

The Filtration Automation Micron-Pro high-volume, low pressure oil debris removal system is a patented process. Data from real-time usage in the field indicates the Micron-Pro patented process can be twice as effective as other similar systems with no downtime needed for oil changes. Oil life can be extended up to 200 percent with no consumables required for operation, resulting in reduced input costs, labor savings and increased throughput.