Modern Bakery Moscow: satisfied faces everywhere

Weiden / DE. (owp) Satisfied faces at Modern Bakery Moscow: the some 180 exhibitors who took part in the 13th International Specialist Trade Exhibition for Bakery Equipment + Food Ingredients are now hard at work fulfilling their big haul of exhibition order business. Everything turned on bakery machinery, bakery and confectioner fittings and equipment, chocolate manufacturing machines, coffee processing, natural and functional foods at Expocentr Fairgrounds between 15 and 18 October. This major event was taken up officially for the first time in the international trade fairs programme of the German Ministry of the Economy and Technology and an official country stand brought in 15 joint exhibitors from Germany. The event attracted 15.400 specialist visitors to Moscow – boosting Modern Bakery Moscow 2007 further as the number one positioned trade event for the industry throughout booming Eastern Europe. Key points in an overview:

  • 22 percent more exhibitors attended the International Specialist Trade Exhibition for Bakery Equipment + Foods Ingredients held between 15 and 18 October 2007 in Moscow
  • Presidium session of the AIBI with Russia as new member
  • Successful launch of International Bread Day with participation of the Russian Bakery Association and the Central Association of the German Bakery Crafts Guild
  • Promising sales figures for the future: the Russian market for bakery and confectionery products continues its powerful growth course

Crispy crust outside, deliciously soft and tasty inside – bread has been the staff of life for human being for the past 6000 years and in the face of this special role in history it is only reasonable that bread should have its own international day each year on the 16th of October. The World Bread Day earned notable praise at Modern Bakery Moscow with Peter Becker (President) and Dr. Eberhard Groebel (CEO) of the Central Association of the German Bakery Crafts Guild, and the President of the Russian Bakery Association Dr. Anatoly Kosovan («bread is a potent symbol of the health of an entire people»). Russians love their bread and are the biggest per capita bread eaters in Europe – bread and salt is the mark of respect and welcome Russians give to their honoured guests. On the other hand the broad based prosperous classes in Russian society have long discovered a powerful taste for all the numerous other delights on the bakery and confectioner shelves. Consumer demand and selectiveness are on the up-and-up in Russia – and the bakeries are equipping themselves to cope with the new business challenges of quality and volume.

Modern Bakery Moscow is the East European platform for everything with name and rank in the international bakery industry – and this specialist trade exhibition is continuing its prodigious growth rate achieving a further 22 percent expansion this year, convincingly underlining its leadership. 180 companies (2006: 147) from a total of 22 countries (including China, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Japan, Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Türkiye, the Ukraine and Belarus) ensured that the crowds of specialist visitors found all they wanted of the latest developments and technologies. All the big names were on site. The many leaders in the industry who made use of this opportunity to present themselves in Moscow included Alitet, Anton Ohlert, Backaldrin, BakeMark, Belogorie, Diosna, Dupont, Estero, Fritsch, Ireks König Maschinen, Miwe, Mondial Forni, Padovani, Rondo Doge, Shebekino, Tecnopool, Vexma Group, Voskhod, Unifine and Werner + Pfleiderer. Many of the exhibitors increased their exhibition space significantly for presentation in this important market. The Exhibition has received official recognition in Germany and is now in the foreign trade exhibitions programme of the German Ministry of the Economy and Technology following an application for this status from the German Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association. Modern Bakery Moscow brought together an official German country stand with 15 participants for the first time. Their neighbours were a joint country stand of the People´s Republic of China, also a new step at this international exhibition.

Framework programme is a big pull for specialist visitors

Many of the leading people in the industry were present at the opening of Modern Bakery Moscow. The event also marked the holding of the presidium session of the Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle (AIBI) and the AIBI presidium, represented by President Guido Vanherpe, Vice-President Georg Heberer and Secretary General Helmut Martell took part in the opening ceremony. The Russian Bakery Association also joined this important international body in 2007. The 15.400 specialist visitors to Modern Bakery Moscow were largely drawn in from the far-flung Russian regions, neighbouring CIS states and also from Moscow itself, they included decision makers from large and small bakeries, confectionery manufacturers, the supermarkets and the catering industry. A major delegation of the Japanese Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Producers JBCM (Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers´ Association) visited the exhibition on 16th October.

The event also brought an extensive and informative framework programme for specialist visitors this year. The accompanying specialist conference brought together representatives of the Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle (AIBI) as also from the German Machinery and Plant Engineering Association and a keynote speaker from the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The established SnackAcademy with its live baking presentations was held for the third year in succession. The special themes this year were taken from the areas of functional foods and bakery whole-foods. Next door the Modern Bakery-Café provided demonstration roasts while the exhibition´s own Consulting Center provided valuable one-to-one information on forms of commercial organisation plus valuable information on how to trade and do business successfully with Russian partners.

Growth course maintained: The Russian economy

A continuous growth in the gross national product of some six percent per annum – and excellent forecasts for the coming years: The growth of the Russian economy is stable and this can be clearly felt by the bakery industry. Growing real income is pushing consumption up in all of the Russian regions. Consumers are ever more interested in tasty and healthy baked products on their tables. In the first half of 2007 alone the Russian foodstuffs industry increased its production by some 9,9 percent. The experts predict a further growth of around eight percent for next year. The demand for top technology in bakery equipment is keeping pace with this and is higher than ever before. The boom is also providing a big impulse for the whole foods trend: in the big cities in particular, more and more of the supermarkets and food retailers have specialised departments for organically grown health and whole foods. Modern Bakery Moscow has also set a course with an accent on the healthy foods trend: During the specialist conference Andrej Khodus from Agrosophie e.V., the certification organisation for biological agriculture in Russia spoke on the issue of biological agriculture in Russia, its products and the standard for certification.

A look ahead: Modern Bakery Moscow 2008

A highly ambitious programme is to be launched for the coming year by the organizers OWP Ost-West-Partner GmbH. Modern Bakery Moscow 2008 will be held in the Russian capital next year between October 13 and 16 – and the event will have a significantly increased international content. This will include the gaining of more joint country stands from abroad. Another major advance will be the selection of a Russian region as an exhibition partner region for the 2008 event in order to draw attention to the powerful growth dynamic throughout all of Russia. Once again the content focus will be on trends such as coffee and shop design and presentation and there will also be a very big increase in the feature status of healthy food. The main focus of the exhibition, however, is and will remain the core area of bakery machinery and foodstuffs ingredients.